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Copies of Your Optimization and Monitoring Reports

If you have misplaced your optimization report, or one of your monthly status reports showing what changes were tested and the results, remember that all of your reports and testing results are stored in your company's page of our account. Lost your link to your reports? Drop us an email at webhelp at from your contact email and we'll resend your link.

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Help Understanding Your Reports

Need more help understanding your optimization report or your monthly status report? That's what we're here for. Give us a call at 817.500.4501 to schedule a convenient time to go over your report with an analyst.

Why Those Recommendations?

Need help understanding how we arrived at our recommendations? We have several resources to help:

  1. All of the tests we ran on your website in developing the initial optimization report are included with a copy of your reports in your company's page of our account
  2. Each area of optimization includes a brief explanation of how the suggested changes will improve the ability of your website to deliver leads or sales
  3. Each recommendation in your optimization report includes a link to an explanation, along with citations to studies, announcements from the search portals, and other authorities we used in making the recommendation
  4. Every month, we hold one or two free webinars on website optimization for small business owners (visit our webinars page for a schedule).

Do you have other questions?

Your website is an important part of your marketing program, and we want you to know when and how to keep it working hard for you. Send us an email or a telephone call with your questions, and we'll get right back to you.