Website Optimization How-to: Create Your Google Search Console Account

TL;DR (takeaways for the impatient)

Monitoring and Controlling Google Search With Search Console

Google provides a basic level account for both individuals and businesses.

Set Up Your Google Search Account

Once you have created your Google account (see How-to: Create Google Search Account), log in to the account. Then point your browser to Google's Webmaster Tools ( You may be asked to log in again, using your Google Account email address and password. The first screen displayed should be the Search Console. You will not see anything about your website yet. First, you must add your site to the Search Console"

Click on the red "Add a Property" button, and follow the prompts to enter the URL of your website ( Be sure you select the "website" property. Then you will be given a choice of verifying ownership through your domain registrar or through a text file. If you choose the domain registrar, click on the link and follow your registrar's instructions. If you prefer, you can select the text file option. Google will provide a text file that you can download. This file needs to be added to your website, in the same folder as your index.html (.asp, .php, etc.) page. Once you have added the file to the folder, return to the Search Console and click on the Verify button. You now have access to information about how Google is scanning, indexing and showing your website in Google Search.

If you have purchased any of our services other than the Quick Peek, you can now add us as a user of your Search Console, so that we can monitor your site activity and provide you with monthly reports and recommendations.


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Last updated June, 2016