Better Results From Small Business Websites

If your small business website isn’t producing the leads or sales your business needs to succeed, don’t despair.  It can be improved, and you don’t have to eat the elephant (or buy one) at a single sitting.  The bad news about websites is:

  • They’re not “build it and they will come”;
  • You can’t pay for a good one and forget it- they take ongoing work;
  • There are no silver bullets, fairy godmothers or ‘golden mouse-clicks’ to produce a winning website-it takes hard, smart work by you and by the people who work on your website for you.

The good news about websites is:

  • They can grow better over time;
  • Today is always an opportunity to improve your website;
  • While a fair amount of what makes up a website is technical and jargon-loaded, you don’t have to master that;
  • You can improve your site one step at a time, as you have the time and money available.

We’ll talk about making improvements to your website on this blog each week, including why and how to make your site perform better, the latest news from the big search engines, and how to work more effectively with your site designer.

See you here.


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